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Fired While Pregnant

pregnancy discrimination lawyerIt is very low down for an employer or their managers to fire a pregnant women because of their pregnancy. Notwithstanding the illegality of firing a woman because of her pregnancy, firm founder Karl Gerber has not only tried in court and arbitrated a number of pregnancy discrimination cases all of which he won for his client. He has also filed many more pregnancy discrimination lawsuits that resulted in settlements.


  • The wrongful termination of a pregnant North Hollywood restaurant hostess because the restaurant owner claimed that due her pregnancy she was too big to get in and out of a cashier booth that was close to 50 square feet
  • A West Hollywood advertising executive who was fired because her employer tired of her taking time off for medical appointments
  • A North Hills office manager whose employer did not want to grant both Family Medical Leave and allow her pregnancy leave under a different employment law
  • Several cases involving Los Angeles warehouse workers whose supervisors refused to abide by their light duty restrictions during pregnancies
  • Several Los Angeles County nurses and CNAs whose employers refused to grant them light duty work prescribed by their doctors and chose to fire them for their pregnancy
  • We have represented several single, expecting mothers in Los Angeles County and a San Luis Obispo retail worker whose managers were intent on telling them they should not have their baby because they were not married, and fired them as a result
  • Pregnancy discrimination may also involve elements of race and national origin discrimination. We have represented several Los Angeles County expecting mothers who were fired because their supervisor was unhappy they became pregnant by a member of a certain racial or ethnic group
  • We have represented multiple California women who were fired once they announced their pregnancies because their employers believed now they were second or third time moms they would no longer be good employees
  • We recently represented a Westwood woman whose foreign supervisor believed her place was at home, and it was her husband’s responsibility to pay for her needs so he selected her for layoff. This case example also involved sex discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination is a form of sex discrimination.
  • We have handled multiple cases for Los Angeles County and Ventura County new mothers whose jobs were given away during their maternity leaves

maternity leave law firmPregnancy discrimination in California is illegal. Pregnancy harassment is terrible. Being fired due to pregnancy is abominable. It is also damaging and depressing to be fired around the time of a new baby which should be a wonderful time in a parent’s life. We understand how being fired over pregnancy can cause emotional damage and financial losses. We can assist with your firing or other injustice at work due to your pregnancy. For legal representation because you were fired because of your pregnancy, contact the Employment Lawyers Group at 1-310-842-8600. All pregnancy termination and pregnancy harassment cases are gladly taken on a contingency which means we are not paid any legal fee unless and until you win. We also advance all court costs associated with a pregnancy discrimination case.


  • $365,000 post-jury verdict settlement for a Bell CNA fired because of pregnancy related lifting restrictions
  • $145,000 settlement for an office manager whose Northridge employer would not allow her to take leave from work due to pregnancy

Binding Arbitration Award of over $138,000 for a Hollywood telemarketer fired due to a pregnancy related absence. Karl Gerber recalls preparing this new mother for her arbitration testimony while walking with her and her baby in and around the neighborhood of his Sherman Oaks office.

Pregnancy Harassment Cases Can be Worth Even More:

$332,343.00 settlement in 2014 dollars for a Los Angeles warehouse worker forced to violate her medical restrictions imposed by pregnancy

A punitive damage award to a Los Angeles distribution center worker whose supervisor did not believe she needed light duty due to pregnancy and her manager did not care.

Call 1-310-842-8600 if you are a California employee who was fired over your pregnancy, your pregnancy related medical restrictions were not accommodated, or you were harassed on the basis of your pregnancy.

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